Precision Heating and Cooling offers Solar Water Heating Systems that have a good economic payoff, and large tax decuctions up to 30% of the cost under today's new stimulus bill. Solar Water Systems are also easily manageable to install and maintain. Some of the newer solar water heating systems are also simple to design and low cost.

Warm Climate ProgressivTube Moderate Climate Helio-Pak Cold Climate TrendSetter
• Solar Hot Water Passive
• Easy to install and
maintain; no moving
• Storage tank must be
installed above or close
to collector
• Uses no electricity; will
function during
• Active Solar Hot Water,
flat plate type
• Pumps, valves &
controllers assist in the
prevention of freezing
• Tanks do not need to
be installed above or
close to collectors
• Uses electricity; will not
function during
• Solar Hot Water Active,
evacuated tube
• Heavy-duty residential
and commercial
• Additional applications:
Water heating, Radiant
floor heating, Space

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