There are many benefits in Solar Water Heating that include reducing energy costs, proven efficient technology, improving the enviornment and the fact that solar water heatings work in every climate.

SOLAR WATER HEATER: FREE Energy from the Sun: STANDARD WATER HEATER: Costly Gas or Electric:
Annual Operating Cost: $50 Annual Operationg Costs: $500+
Storage Capacity: 80-120 gal Storage Capacity: 40-50 gal
Life Expectancy: 15-30 years Life expectancy: 8-12 years
Lifetime Operating Costs: $1,000 Lifetime Operating Costs: $10,000
Does NOT pollute enviornment Depletes fossil fuels
Increases equity in your home No added value to your home
25% return on your investment No return on utility payments
Protection from future increases At mercy of utilities/government
Hot Water during power outages No hot water during power outages


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